What is Fore Majors Golf?

Fore Majors Golf brings comprehensive data and information about golf's four major championships and their players into a single data source for the first time.

The records and results on this site have been painstakingly researched, edited, and compiled. We also include pertinent information for each player's performance in a major to help give context.

  • We have noted by how many strokes a player missed a cut.
  • If a player finished within 5-6 shots of the winner, that has been noted as well.
Also included are tournament details to add more perspective to a player's performance in that major championship.

  • The number of players in the field,
  • What was the cut score
  • How many players made the cut

Our quest to compile this data began serendipitously in May, 2022, when the co-hosts Brendan Porath and Andy Johnson of The Fried Egg podcast "Shotgun Start" were recapping the just-concluded 2022 PGA Championship at Southern Hills. They complained that Wikipedia was the only resource for a golfer's performances in golf's major championships! And Wikipedia's records were limited to that player's finishes.

We researched this claim, and to our surprise, they were right. Why is there this fragmentation? It actually makes sense when you realize that each of the four biggest events in the game of golf's annual schedule - the U.S. Open, the Masters Tournament, the Open Championship, and the PGA Championship - are each owned and operated by a separate business entity.

We found various sites and sources of results, including tournament details and player performances. Still, each had its limitation, for example, leaving out any performance that ended in a missed cut, a withdrawal, or a disqualification.

This glaring information gap ignited the concept of foremajorsgolf.com and ouryears-long expedition to track down the tournament results of golf's four major championships, dating back to the first Open Championship in Scotland in 1865.

We're Not Done, and You Can Help!

We know there are always ways to improve the records of the tournaments that have been contested and the players who have competed in these championships.

If you think you see something erroneously recorded, please let us know what you believe needs to be corrected by emailing editor@foremajorsgolf.com.

We will address each to the best of our abilities.

Enjoy the site!

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